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photos uploading in the wrong order?

I'm uploading photos to a recipe and about half way through I upload a photo and all the photos reorder themselves incorrectly, I can't get the right cover photo up and it looks like I've cooked things before I've chopped them! Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

added about 1 year ago

I wonder if your problem is related to postings to the current contest appearing in reverse order - newest last, in other words.

Fancy and Casual added about 1 year ago

Possibly, it does start adding photos to the bottom instead of the top after I upload about 3 or 4 photos...

QueenSashy added about 1 year ago

I experienced the same problem... I recently uploaded a set of photos that were meant to illustrate a technique, and could not get them in the right order. No matter how I uploaded, the site had the mind of its own.

QueenSashy added about 1 year ago

... and by the way, I did not submit the recipe to the contest, so it probably is not contest related. And it did seem to start misbehaving around third or fourth photo.

LE BEC FIN added about 1 year ago

mine began misbehaving as soon as i added the 2nd photo. never fixed itself. What the HECK are those up and down arrows for if they don't work??!!argghhhhh. I hope someone from 52 offices will correct and explain this painful abuse.:-[

Fancy and Casual added about 1 year ago

Yep, I was never able to get it to work. Must be some sort of bug on the site. The photos were rendering in a completely random order, no matter how I sorted or uploaded them (I even tried changing the file names of the photos to be in order). So so frustrating!

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