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Looking for a hummus recipes that are healthier

Looking for lots of flavor low fat

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ceeteebee added about 1 year ago

Smitten Kitchen's hummus has a lot of tahini, but no olive oil, so maybe that qualifies? It's a basic recipe, but very tasty. You can find it here: http://smittenkitchen.com...

SeaJambon added about 1 year ago

Hummus is generally considered pretty high on the healthy list, particularly if made with olive oil and tahini (both "good" oils). You need the oil for thinning the pureed chickpeas, as well as providing an element of emulsification. There are lots of hummus recipes out there, I'd try making a standard recipe, just add the oil slowly and sparingly and see if you can get to a place that you are happy with the viscosity with a lesser amount than the recipe requires. As for "lots of flavor", that's the chickpeas and add-ins (if any). For us, the favorite is a couple of cloves of garlic as well as a variety of pepper flakes. "Healthy" is such a funny word, as it varies in the eye (stomach?) of the beholder. For some, healthy means low sodium or low sugar. Others, it is low bad fat or low fat altogether...


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added about 1 year ago
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I'm not sure what you think is unhealthy about hummus.

lloreen added about 1 year ago

I like to add a roasted (and peeled) red pepper or two and some roasted garlic. A pinch of cumin is nice. If you put in more flavor, you might be able to get away with slightly less olive oil. Add a couple tablespoons of the cooking liquid from the chickpeas to thin out the hummus and cut down on oil. Some olive oil is necessary and it isn't bad for you either. I have seen plenty of recipes without tahini. Personally, I prefer hummus with tahini but leaving it out will lower the fat.

nutcakes added about 1 year ago

I think I have exactly what you want. It is a really delicious chickpea and tofu with cumin dip on epicurious.com as originally published in Gourmet. I have made it many times and I love the light and fluffy, luxurious texture. You will have no idea that silken tofu is in it (though I love tofu). I do it with the toasted cumin seeds, or I use powdered cumin or none. Sometimes I use tahini instead of the olive oil, if I have it. This is much lighter in calories since it is not so bean dense, but both are healthy, as noted, just this one has a lot less calories, if that was the issue.

susan g added about 1 year ago

Tahini, in addition to being a source of healthy fatty acids, is also a calcium source. My 'everyday' hummus (from a letter to Gourmet magazine, printed in the 60's) is 2 c chickpeas, 1/3 cup tahini, 1/3 cup lemon juice, garlic cloves -- no added salt or oil. Perfect every time!

Sam1148 added about 1 year ago

If you're worried about calories from chickpeas. Consider a Babaghanoush. But also consider you get more protein from Chickpeas.

spiffypaws added about 1 year ago

Hummus is really healthy, it's the dipping "vehicle" you have to consider. I use spoon size shredded wheat, celery and the pre-peeled organic baby carrots in place of pita bread and chips.

FutureChef added about 1 year ago

Look up recipes for raw vegan hummus; people that eat raw vegan due not consume beans because of the toxins in their raw state. Usually, they use nuts and seeds to replace the chickpeas. You still get all the wonderful tahini flavor without the usual side effects on the digestive system with legumes./

Ellin McCabe added about 1 year ago

If you are not looking for a traditional hummus (tahini) but would consider a chickpea dip with a twist, this recipe from Bon Appetit is delicious and has very little fat. Made it exactly per recipe this weekend and it was creamy and delicious. http://www.bonappetit.com...

Gourmet Metrics added about 1 year ago

Question for Mirepoix. Why do believe low fat makes hummus more healthy?

susan g added about 1 year ago

One reason hummus is considered healthy is because of the fiber in chickpeas (and other beans) -- an important benefit for dieters.

ellenl added about 1 year ago

See steamy kitchen's current post.

ellenl added about 1 year ago

See steamy kitchen's current post.

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