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Does anybody have a great recipe for matzoh. We want to make it ourself this year.

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chasey added about 1 year ago

I do not have a recipe, but there HAS to be one on the jewish sites. I remember making this in sunday school. I don't remember them being very good though. Whenever I do seder, I just buy the boxed matzoh for dipping in chocolate and afi komen hunting and seder service. As for the soup, I recognize I am a poor excuse for a jewish wife, but I buy the matzoh balls ONLY from my favorite jewish deli. I focus my attention on the brisket and tzimmehs. x

Maedl added about 1 year ago

I don't have a recipe, but there is one at http://kosherfood.about...
Mark Bittman also published one on the NY Times website, but I don't think it is kosher. I believe that matzo can only contain water and properly grown wheat. Bittman adds salt and olive oil.

chasey added about 1 year ago

Oh I am so glad someone was more helpful than I am! Thanks for posting. Can't wait to check this out!


June is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added about 1 year ago

oops, I didn't see this thread before I answered on your other thread. Lauren Groveman (www.laurengroveman.com) made it with Julia Child on her Baking with Julia series on PBS. I know the recipe is in that book, and I'm pretty sure it would also be on the pbs web site. It's really easy and delicious.

sexyLAMBCHOPx added about 1 year ago

I'm not a fan of baking but once looked for a recipe to make mato at home. That was shot down pretty quick because I didn't have time to track down the special flour required. Also, I don't keep a Kosher kitchen. @ChefJune - checked out Lauren's site. I already bookmarked Homemade Duck Sauce. Thanks for the reco.

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