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expired white miso?

i have a jar of white miso in the fridge that apparently expired april 2010 (i know, i know...) but there's no growth on it and it's a dark tan color (i can't remember what it was before). think it's safe to use or should i just toss it?

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Sam1148 added about 1 year ago

That's a tough call because of the color change. Usually miso can last quite a long time in the 'fridge..3 years isn't that long for miso. But the color change could mean something evil could be going on in there.

Tokyo bakephile added about 1 year ago

Color change of miso occurs due to temperature , that means even if it isn't expired it could happen. So color change itself is not a problem, if you opened the miso today as the first time, it is OK, go ahead. But if the package has been opened 3 years ago, if I were you,won't try.

rumblbee430 added about 1 year ago

When in doubt, toss it out.

susan g added about 1 year ago

When I first learned to enjoy and use miso, it was sold unrefrigerated and undated. Has something changed?

msmely added about 1 year ago

Miso can last a very long time due to its high salt content and the fact that it has been fermented. It's a preserved food that has been used for hundreds of years, including before refrigeration -- it doesn't really "go bad" per se.

Miso has active bacterial cultures in it from the fermentation process. Expired miso is likely to have reduced microbial activity and perhaps a change in colour because of the maillard reaction where the amino acids in the soybeans reacts with the sugars. It happens far faster in a warm environment. It also might not taste as good as it used to, but it's in all likelihood safe to eat.

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