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A question about a recipe: Alice Medrich's New Classic Coconut Macaroons

I have a question about the recipe "Alice Medrich's New Classic Coconut Macaroons" from Genius Recipes. Can these be made with unsweetened shredded coconut without other changes to the recipe? I accidentally bought the shredded instead of the shards! If changes are needed, could you share what those would be? Novice baker here! Thank you!!

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petitbleu added about 1 year ago

You can use shredded coconut in this recipe. You may want to use about 1/4 cup less of the shredded coconut than the recipe calls for. Otherwise, though, you should be good!

ella11 added about 1 year ago

Such a quick response! Thanks very much!!! :)

petitbleu added about 1 year ago

You're in for a real treat, by the way. These macaroons are incredible!

ella11 added about 1 year ago

Wonderful! I'm excited to make them! I've never made macaroons before and I have decided to bring them to dinner tomorrow, so hoping they'll be a hit!

fearlessem added about 1 year ago

I was just going to say that I really don't think shredded coconut would capture what's so good about these -- it would create something much more like traditional macaroons than the transcendent awesomeness these are... I'm sure people will be happy to eat them the way you're making them, but just be sure you try them out with the coconut chips sometime!

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