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I'm in need of a light recipe for green peas; something "springy" without cream.

Also are fresh spring peas really all that much better than frozen petite ones?

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HalfPint added about 1 year ago

I would make a minty pea soup. Just simmer leeks/onions/shallots, peas, a little butter,and broth (chicken or veggie) until peas are tender. Add a few mint leaves and puree with a blender or immersion blender. Taste and add salt/pepper to taste.

cookbookchick added about 1 year ago

This is such a delicious dish: http://food52.com/recipes... -- though it does have ricotta is it, it tastes very light and springy. As for the peas, I have read more than once from very experienced cooks that peas are one vegetable that will nearly always be best bought frozen.

cookbookchick added about 1 year ago

..ricotta IN it..


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added about 1 year ago

Another really nice way to prepare peas (either fresh or frozen - and I agree that frozen ones are pretty much just as good) is to briefly saute them in a little olive oil, then stir in a couple slices of prosciutto that have been cut into much smaller bits. Squeeze on a little fresh lemon juice, season with salt and pepper, and then shave some Parmesan on top just before serving. While the prosciutto and parm are both rich ingredients, you don't need to use much of them, so you get a nice light feeling, but very flavorful dish.

petitbleu added about 1 year ago

We love frozen peas. As soon as vegetables are picked, they begin to convert their natural sugars to starch, which means that over time, the vegetables lose a lot of succulence and flavor. Who knows how long those fresh peas have sat at the supermarket? Flash frozen peas are really a good bet.
One of our favorite simple ways to serve fresh shelled peas is to briefly sauté them in a little butter, add lemon juice and chopped mint, salt and pepper, and you're good to go. They really don't need much more than that.

rt21 added about 1 year ago

I agree with half pint minted pea soup is terrific and if you haven't tried fresh peas you should give yourself a treat they are delicious ...... Straight out if the pod


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added about 1 year ago

My Ragout of Peas and Artichokes is really lovely and light and SO springy. Here's the link: http://food52.com/recipes...

NLS added about 1 year ago

I love peas in a salad -peas, walnuts, feta dressed with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Simple but really good.

Patti in Mississippi added about 1 year ago

Thinking of fresh peas reminds me of driving behind a truck filled with pea vines,when some fell off, we stopped to pick it up and had a great dinner. Steam them whole, add some butter and salt and slide the peas out into your mouth! Then we learned that the combines couldn't reach certain areas and asked the farmers for the fresh vines directly. Oh to be a little girl again!

cristinasciarra added about 1 year ago

Coincidentally, (or maybe not, as the season is approaching) I just received these recipes in my inbox; I think they fit the description: 1. http://www.bonappetit.com.... 2. http://www.foodandwine... 3. http://www.foodandwine...

ATG117 added about 1 year ago

chilled pea soup, drizzled with olive oil or peas sautéed in olive oil with mint and possibly some lemon zest.

susanm added about 1 year ago

I recently served peas in a pasta dressed with a simple pesto of arugula, mint & walnuts. I added the fresh peas to the pasta water the last minute of cooking (orecchiette) and tossed all together. Was such a nice, fresh, springy combo and the peas were a pleasing pop of texture in the dish.


June is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added about 1 year ago

Another Springtime favorite is Paglia e Fieno... Straw and Hay -- egg and spinach pasta tossed with fresh peas and prosciutto chunks in a light white sauce.

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