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Urgent! How long do cold cuts stay good for? (shouldnt be eating,I know, but sometimes and old fav that i have to stock)

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ChefOno added about 1 year ago

Unopened, there should be a date on the package somewhere.

Opened, it depends. Cured products like salami should be good for a few weeks. Otherwise I believe they fall into the same category as leftovers, 4 days per the USDA.

Either way you should be able to freeze them.

You shouldn't feel guilty about eating whatever makes you happy as long as it's in moderation and part of a balanced diet. Stress -- that'll kill you.

LE BEC FIN added about 1 year ago

ono knows. Also,I have seen a huge lengthening of shelf life by storing meats in the coldest part of the frig- the lower left rear corner- shelf and drawer.

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