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Dairy-free pecan pie

Does anyone have any suggestions on modifying the filling for a pecan pie so it's dairy-free? I don't want to eliminate anything else, just the heavy cream. The recipes online use egg replacer and generally look gross, so I was unsure if I could just replace the cream with a little non-dairy milk.

asked by clementinebakes almost 3 years ago
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added almost 3 years ago

I just made this and it has no cream in it. (I actually haven't seen any pecan pie recipes with cream.). It is a gorgeous pie. My husband wanted chocolate, so I left out the orange and nutmeg, and added 1/4 cup cocoa powder. I also cut the syrup in half because I don't like super sweet desserts. Enjoy! http://food52.com/recipes...

added almost 3 years ago

Thanks! One of my favorite recipes has some espresso and heavy cream; it's a little untraditional and very decadent. I think I'm gonna go really Southern with this one and use some Steen's cane syrup as the sweetener.


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added almost 3 years ago

Hi! I never use dairy in my pecan pies and I add oatmeal to cut the sweetness just a bit. A great combo. Here's the recipe if you want to take a look! :) http://em-i-lis.com/wordpress...

added almost 3 years ago

You might even try coconut milk or cream instead of the cream. An easy substitution since you know you love the pie recipe you already have.

added almost 3 years ago

I make a cashew cream substitute by soaking raw cashews overnight, drain, blend at high speed, adding a little water till your consistency is really silky...I use a Vitamix but I bet a Cuisinart or blender would do a fine job. The cream will be very neutral in taste and an excellent substitute.

added almost 3 years ago

There is generally no dairy in pecan pie, unless you count the whipped cream on top , which of course, you can eliminate.
The filling is a combination of eggs , sugar, a syrup ( corn ,cane, or maple,) pecans,and
Some butter, though you could probably use dairy free margarine

added almost 3 years ago

This is my recipe, I adapted it from the Cooks Illustrated recipe and it is always the most popular pie I make. http://www.couldntbeparve...

added almost 3 years ago

After moving to France, I had to find a pecan pie recipe that didn't include corn syrup, which is quite difficult to find in France. I found this recipe, and haven't looked back since! It does use some butter, so it's not strictly dairy-free, but if you're looking to make a pie without cream (and without corn syrup), this one is a keeper. I usually add 2 tablespoons Benedictine (or B&B, a nice sweet liquor) to the custard filling. Good luck, and happy baking :) http://www.chefeddy.com...

added almost 3 years ago

Thanks everyone! I know not all pecan pies have dairy in them, but my favorite recipe for mocha pecan pie has some heavy cream. I ended up making the pecan pie from the ATK Family Baking Book and subbed cane syrup for the recommended maple and margarine for the butter. I felt the margarine gave it an odd flavor, but my dairy-free friend couldn't tell the difference. Also, the texture was a little more gelatinous than desired. Overall, however, it was great!