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Any good ideas for using parsley?

My parsley plant is going nuts, as parsley is wont to do. Wouldn't be a problem except it's exceeding the limits of its garden box and encroaching on other territory. I've been giving lots away, but would welcome some creative ideas for recipes that use lots of it as I foresee a long, parsley-rich summer...

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added 12 months ago

You could buzz up some gremolata in your food processor and store it in the freezer door for handy access. I also like to make herbed bread crumbs when there's a lot of something around. I keep those in the freezer door, too.


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added 12 months ago
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Make a tabouli salad - bulgur wheat, parsley, tomatoes, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Should be 2:1 parsley to tomatoes and bulgur wheat. Make a pesto sauce: parsley, pine nuts, parm cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper


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added 12 months ago

A definite agree on the tabbouleh salad. It really should be green. Although I would ditch the pesto and add a lot of mint to go with the parsley and olive oil. And 2:1 is indeed a good ratio for green to bulgur. You can also do a Parisian spin on it by substituting couscous for bulgar.

dymnyno added 12 months ago

I use parsley in juices(like with apple, cucumber and pineapple), pesto, soups, seasoning for roasts and bbq.

HalfPint added 12 months ago

I make a marinade paste with equal parts fresh parsley, cilantro, & mint, about a packed cup of each. Just process or blend the herbs with a few TB cumin, sweet paprika, and salt, drizzle in olive oil until you get a thickish paste. Mix with chicken or lamb, ~2-4lbs. Marinate overnight. Then grill.

QueenSashy added 12 months ago

I second Monita, one of my favorite pesto's is parsley, walnut and pecorino

rt21 added 12 months ago

Make a white sauce and add some parsley good on ham , fish.....

amysarah added 12 months ago

You can make Chimichurri sauce for grilled steak, fish, chicken, etc: http://www.foodandwine... (the basic recipe - very flexible to personalize to taste.) Similarly, Italian Salsa Verde - my favorite version is from the River Cafe Cookbook - found it online, but I make like 4X the quantity specified (i.e., you can use a lot of parsley): http://projects.washingtonpost... Nothing better on grilled/roast lamb, salmon, chicken, vegetable. You want enough to apply liberally - it's addictive!

jsdunbar added 12 months ago

I love adding chopped parsley to any salad but particularly Greek-type salads. Parsley adds such freshness.

dymnyno added 12 months ago

Kathy Hoffman , who does the floral arrangements for the French Laundry, uses herbs and vegetables in many of her arrangements. I went to an event where each table was herb themed; thyme, rosemary, parsley...you get the picture! An abundance of parsley could contribute to a table arrangement.

susan g added 12 months ago

Charmoula, lamajoon, and on food52, Green Lentils and Kasha. You can also mix parsley with basil for pesto, with cilantro for other blends, etc.

lazychef added 12 months ago

Thanks for all the great suggestions! If any food52ers are in the DC area, I'm also happy to share :)

vvvanessa added 12 months ago

I love a strong and fortifying parsley and garlic broth/stock.

susan g added 12 months ago

I just posted http://food52.com/recipes.... You reminded me, and it's one of my use-it-up favorites. (and if we were still in DC, we'd come over to 'help.')

softenbrownsugar added 12 months ago

If I have too much parsley, I usually put it in the oven on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and heat it at about 200 F or whatever. I mix it up now and then until it gets really dry, and then I smoosh it all up and save it as dried parsley. Makes me feel good that I'm drying my own. ;)

lireland added 12 months ago

I dice it up and stir it into my saffron rice or Mexican rice; I pressure cook both of these, and stir a LOT of parsley in at the end. In the saffron rice, I usually add onions and water chestnuts at the beginning, and also stir in peas (frozen) and/or sauteed red bell peppers at the end (so they don't lose their texture in the pressure cooker). I also like tabbouleh salad, but I eat gluten free, so I make it with either quinoa or chopped sunflower seeds or almonds. Lots of parsley, garlic, and lime or lemon. I top with finger lime "caviar" if I have it. Also an absolute favorite is chimichurri, which I use on any grilled red meat, or shrimp or chicken. I boil up fresh rice noodles in a little chicken stock, stir in some chimichurri, add shrimp or chicken, asparagus, shredded carrot, snap peas, add a little tamari (soy sauce), worcestershire, sesame seed oil. The small amount of starch in the stock that comes off the rice noodles is enough to thicken the sauce, the veggies cook just a bit to tender crisp in the residual heat, voila! dinner in 10 minutes.

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