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Leftover eye of round - Soup or Stock potential

I made an eye of round. I'm not real fond of how it came out. Not very tender at all despite being medium rare. If I simmer it for a while (long and low) will it tender up for a Beef and Barley soup? Or, can I simmer it to at least make a beef stock?

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jmburns added 12 months ago

I think that the eye of round is too lean to make a a satisfactory soup or stock.

amysarah added 12 months ago

You could chop it into smallish pieces, and saute it with some potatoes and onions until it's crispy, to make roast beef hash. Serve with a poached or fried egg on top.

irinaleibo added 12 months ago

Why can't she braise it in big sauteed chunks and add broth, wine and veg for beef stew?
I'm asking not challenging....... Seems like it could work.

jmburns added 12 months ago

I agree a beef stew would be good, my point is since the eye of round is so lean that it would not make a satisfactory stock or broth. But adding broth, wine and vegs would add the extra flavor and moisture to the braise.

irinaleibo added 12 months ago

and she could always do a little bacon or pancetta before the braise to get the fat flavor in.
I think beef stew is the way to go. Low and slow braise will break up that tough lean meat.
Cheers all

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