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A question about a recipe: Spatchcocked and Braise-Roasted Chicken


I have a question about the recipe "Spatchcocked and Braise-Roasted Chicken" from amanda. I've made this recipe many times - love it!! - but this time, the lemon tasted bitter. Can this be helped?

asked by Julia Lewis over 1 year ago
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added over 1 year ago

You can use meyer or sanbokan lemons if you are looking for sweeter.


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added over 1 year ago

Sometimes time has a mellowing effect on bitter lemons. A pinch of sugar or salt can also work.

added over 1 year ago

The pith of lemons tends to be bitter (the white part between the flesh and the rind). I typically use Meyer lemons in recipes as I find them much sweeter than other varieties.