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A question about a recipe: Pan-Seared Lamb Chops with Rhurbarb Agrodolce with Raisins, Parsley + Walnuts

I have a question about the recipe "Pan-Seared Lamb Chops with Rhurbarb Agrodolce with Raisins, Parsley + Walnuts" from CarolineWright. Would the rhubarb component of the recipe work well on its own? In a vegetarian meal? Any suggestions?

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Why not? Often these "composed" dishes include what most of us would consider "sides," so if you like it and want to serve it separately (especially as part of a vegetarian meal), go for it.

susan g added 11 months ago

Looks like a chutney to me, and worth making as soon as I get my hands on some rhubarb.

Baguette & Beurre added 11 months ago

Thanks; I'll have to give it a go. got my first farmers market rhubarb lthis past Sunday. It immediately became rhubarb curd, from another Food52 recipe. I'll have to wait till the weekend! thinking of pairing it with the genius lentils.

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