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How do you clean an old electrical appliance?

I bought a small vintage Hamilton Beach electric citrus juicer on eBay and it arrived filthy with years of grime built up around the base and even all over the cord. I'm not sure how to even begin cleaning it! Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing?

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Pegeen added 11 months ago

Hopefully the eBay description mentioned that it needed a good cleaning, in the spirit of full disclosure. If not, contact the seller immediately and ask for a partial reimbursement.

Never immerse an electrical appliance in water.

Otherwise, a little soapy dish water and elbow grease should work.

Does it seem to work properly when you plug it in?
Never immerse a motor part in water.

Pegeen added 11 months ago

Sorry... I had meant to delete the last paragraph.

It's not complicated. Just don't immerse the thing in water. Happy juicing!


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added 11 months ago

Simple Green and a toothbrush may be just the thing. But as previous advice goes, please be sure that all parts are clean and dry before plugging it in.

toddnyc added 11 months ago

Distilled or even white vinegar should help cut the aged gunk. Also Make a scrubbing paste of vinegar, kosher salt and a little lemon juice. Rinse off completely.

Fortunata added 11 months ago

I second the simple green idea. It cuts through hardened grime nicely.

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