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any thoughts on how to use up a LOT of mayonaise? i hardly ever use it, but i have a ton leftover from a catering job, and i hate to waste.

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HalfPint added 11 months ago

Use it to make a mayo chocolate cake. http://southernfood.about...
Uses almost a cup of mayo per cake. And it's good too.


June is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added 11 months ago

Here's another good use for leftover mayo. These are really delicioius sticky buns. http://food52.com/recipes...

lisina added 11 months ago

thank you guys, these are both great!!

QueenSashy added 11 months ago

Russian salad (or Olivier salad) can use quite a bit of mayo. There are plenty of recipes on the web. And you can do deviled eggs.

Sam1148 added 11 months ago
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Is it in a jar still sealed? How about a local shelter? Some will even take opened stuff if you're a caterer. Or call them, tell you're a caterer and make up a big batch of egg salad, cole slaw or tuna salad with it and bring it to them.

lisina added 11 months ago

the jar is not sealed, but this is a wonderful idea. i usually try to repurpose extra ingredients into freebies for my regular customers, but i think this is definitely the way to go. thanks sam!

ATG117 added 11 months ago

This is one of those cases where I think trying to use it could be more wasteful than discarding it. If you are making food you don't like and where it will be unhealthier for the mayo on top of that, you gotta wonder...

lisina added 11 months ago

you are 100% right.

petitbleu added 11 months ago

Buy a bunch of beautiful artichokes and other seasonal vegetables that need minimal cooking. Invite people you like over to your house. Cook the vegetables as simply as possible. Flavor the mayo with lemon juice and/or zest, fresh herbs, or anything lovely you have lying around. Dip the veggies in the mayo. It's a really good way to experience good produce and good homemade mayo.

EmilyC added 11 months ago

I discovered mayo as a marinade for grilled vegetables last summer -- so delicious. You can check out this recipe I posted last summer for ideas: http://food52.com/recipes...

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