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How many teaspoons (or tablespoons) are equivalent to .25 ounces ?

asked by kmbowsundy over 2 years ago
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Here's the irony; we are still stuck with English measures of length and volume even though they've been on the metric system for more than forty years.

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Using a kitchen scale to measure by weight is far more accurate, as different foods are different weights.

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The answer above is for volume measurements. If the ounce is measuring weight, you'd have to weigh the item.

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You are comparing volume and weight, thats like apples and oranges. A tablespoon of one product will not necesarily weigh the same as a different item. In order to give you the proper answer, we would need to know what you are measuring.

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2 Tablespoons = 1 ounce. This is very helpful to memorize for multiplying recipes!


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It depends whether you are inquiring about liquid or dry ounces/weights. Which are you looking for?