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What desserts or savory dishes can leftover egg yolks be used for?

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ATG117 added 11 months ago

mayo, aioli, , pasta carbonara, ravioli with egg yolks tucked inside the pocket, caesar dressing, custards, ice cream, chocolate souflee, lemon cream

TobiT added 11 months ago

I'm really curious about the reference to egg yolks tucked inside the pockets of ravioli. I haven't heard about this before, but it sounds like it could be amazing. Is there an official name for this dish or preparation? Is it a traditional thing? Is it one egg per pocket (huge ravioli!) or broken up? Regular chicken eggs or something small like quail? Does yolk cook while tab is boiling? Or precooked? Sauces? More info please! (Can you tell I am intrigued?)

butter, sugar, flowers added 11 months ago

Creme brulee; French buttercream icing; or these incredible lemon lime bars: http://www.cirquedusweet... (I am not familiar with this blog, but I've made the bars before directly from the cookbook, and they are fantastic!)

amysarah added 11 months ago
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Sabayon, lemon (or other fruit) curd, creme caramel, pastry cream for a fruit tart...on the savory end, corn pudding or add an extra yolk or two for a very rich quiche.

ZombieCupcake added 11 months ago

Banana cream pie

ZombieCupcake added 11 months ago

http://food52.com/recipes... omg this was a great birthday present to myself

Dustimily added 11 months ago

Ice cream! French ice cream will use a good number of yolks. You could also make a savory pudding - like southern corn pudding, or use them for a decadent quiche.

For a yolk by yolk guide see this wonderful link: http://www.fortysomething...

PazzoNico added 11 months ago

I'd probably use them for pasta dough; something like tajarin or chitarra or ravioli (any shape that benefits from a few extra yolks).

PazzoNico added 11 months ago

Or cured egg yolks; which make for a great finishing garnish on many dishes.

louisez added 11 months ago

trifle (especially since berry season is coming)

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