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lamb shoulder

So I ordered a lamb shoulder roast from a local butcher, and they lost my order. So I ended up with 2x four pound shoulder cuts that are labeled as blade chops. Is this the same thing? I want to braise them. Once tender will I be able to remove the bones, slice, and serve? Or will some butchering need to be done? Any advice appreciated.

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bigpan added 11 months ago

Yes, a different cut as it has the blade bone in it. You are right on track to braise them - sear first; braise, turn, braise. You might find that you will not get slices, but something closer to pulled-pork like.
I would take a closer look to see if you can de-bone before cooking. A good boning knife does wonders. Then you can shape the meat and tie with butchers string and treat as if it was the roast you originally wanted.

cookbookchick added 11 months ago

Lamb shoulder blade chops make excellent lamb stew. Leave the bones in as they will add flavor. I usually brown them first before stewing or braising.

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