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tomato dice for pico de gallo

Help!! I don't particularly enjoy raw tomato on salads or sandwiches, but I do love a good salsa. I'm not used to dicing these bad boys to use in my mom's pico recipe... Any advice? Do I just quarter them and throw away the guts?

asked by batbean about 2 years ago
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added about 2 years ago

You can seed the tomatoes for a less watery salsa. I use the seeds and pulp, but that's a personal preference. I would just cut the tomato into slices, then batons, then dice as finely as you want. All depends on how chunky you like your salsa.

added about 2 years ago

You should use roma tomatoes. They have less liquid and pulp.
I cut them in half, spoon out the guts, then slice the long way then dice. That's how they taught me in Isla Mujeres.

added about 2 years ago

I use roma tomatoes also - slicing off the top, then poke three fingers in where the seeds are (like you're sticking your hand in a bowling ball) over the sink to push out the seeds and juice, then slice off outer part in 3 pieces (like cutting the top off a T where the membrane meets the outer part) which leaves you flat pieces to slice one way, turn and slice the other - giving you a perfect dice. I use the inner parts in soup - just put in a plastic bag and throw in the freezer for when you make soup or sauce next. This method will give you a perfect dice and less wet pico. In addition to cilantro, white onion and lime juice, I like to kick it up with a small dice of half a jalapeno. Enjoy!