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how do I make bahraini bread?

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Louisa Shafia added 10 months ago

Hi Janeez, from what I can find it looks like Bahraini bread is very similar to pita bread, and is called khaboos or khubz. Perhaps they make it in Iran, too. I found this recipe for "Bahrain Bread" in Livestrong: http://www.livestrong.com....

Reeshiez added 9 months ago

Hi Janeez,

Bahraini bread is exactly the same as a type of Persian/Iranian bread and Iraqi bread called khubuz (bread) tannor/tannur/tanoor/tanour. The tannor is the traditional stove the bread is cooked in. I unfortunately don't have a recipe at hand but your best bet is to look for the recipe in a persian or iraqi cookbook. I know that Nawal Nasrallah's book definitely has one and I think Najmieh Batmanglij's book has a recipe also. The actual recipe is really simple - water, yeast and flour. Its the way it is cooked that makes it the way it is.

beejay45 added 9 months ago

Do you think it's the same as naan? That "tannor" sounds an awful lot like tandoor, the oven naan is cooked in. Maybe it's a fairly straight sub with just some differences in flavorings, like spices or seeds, that might be different from one country to another.

Reeshiez added 9 months ago

It is quite similar to naan. However from what I understand, naan may have a little bit of milk or yogurt while khubz tannoor usually has just flour and water. You can read more about it here. http://iraqicookbook.com... The ones made in bahrain are usually bigger than what's in the picture, but I suspect thats because she made it in her own oven.

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