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Grapes Galore!

We're still in Islamabad, and a professional contact in the city has a lovely habit of sending us boxes of fruit. About 10 pounds of grapes arrived last night, 8 hours after the packers left with my food mill. I'm at a complete loss on what to do with the grapes, short of giving them to the guards, the gardener and the housekeeper (which is not a bad choice.) The grapes are small and green, with some turning purplish. They're rather tart, and not the best for snacking. Thoughts most welcome!

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andrea lee added 10 months ago

Grape juice/jelly?
Perhaps a grape galette:

Martin Earl added 10 months ago

If the are seedless, try making them into a chutney by spicing them (maybe some cumin, some caramelized onion) and stewing them. A handful of fresh herbs (cilantro, especially) would be a good idea.
Or, use them as you would a bottle of Verjus. Rather than vinegar, which will spoil the taste of wine (if you can get it in Islamabad...), use these tart grapes to brighten the flavor of a braise. Plus, the natural meatiness of grapes will add to the richness.

Trena added 10 months ago

Grape pickles. Here's a link to a recipe http://food52.com/recipes...


Rebecca is a recipe tester for Food52.

added 10 months ago

pickled grapes are tasty and pretty for gifting

Rachel Gaffney added 9 months ago

I make blue cheese grapes with toasted walnuts and/or toasted almonds. If you would like the recipe, I'm happy to share

Melusine added 9 months ago

I love this site, and I love the suggestions. Rachel, please share the recipe!

susan g added 9 months ago

Movers? If you have a working kitchen, there are shrub recipes from hardlikearmour that I have made with grapes -- a refreshing drink for hot climates! And pistachiodoughnut has a chutney made with grapes. Actually, there was a contest for grape recipes!

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