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How can I veganize my campfire food?

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jilhil added 9 months ago

Depends on what amenities you have and what you usually eat. If you are backpacking the food in then consider using dehydrated beans or bean flakes as a starting point for meal planning

stagneskitchen added 9 months ago

Bring fresh veggies from farmers market; make stews, charred vegetable steaks and veggie skewers. Replace butter with oil. Use spices and herbs for flavor. Think of hearty vegetables as you would meat: eggplant or cauliflower steaks. Mushrooms also add great meaty flavors.

stagneskitchen added 9 months ago

Also bring miso and nutritional yeast for amazing depth of flavor and "umami".

nutcakes added 9 months ago

Roast foil wrapped sweet potatoes.

thejollyrancher added 9 months ago

Seitan. Seitan is made from Vital Wheat Gluten or Super Gluten. High in protein and can be made into just about anything. Hot dogs, bacon, burgers, cutlets. Lots of recipes online.

It is a common ingredient in tofu / veggie hotdogs and burgers.

Takes little time to prepare. If done right, you can fool your meat eater friends.

susan g added 9 months ago

Seitan can be purchased, but should be refrigerated.
"Veggie crumbles" are similar to a ground meat sub, sometimes the wheat, sometimes soy, sometimes both. Good for chili.

susan g added 9 months ago

Then there's TVP -- it's an extruded soy product, light weight and dry so it needs no refrigeration. It's not the world's healthiest food, but if you can find it without additives, and balance a rather high sodium by minimizing added sodium from other sources, it makes a good chili or sloppy joe -- good camp food.

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