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Steak butter? To use or not to use? also a recipe if I should use it, would be for 2 filet's (not sure cut matters)

asked by miketizzle about 1 year ago
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added about 1 year ago

We often grill our steak already rubbed with herbs and will melt a pat of butter on top as they rest. We typically cook rib eyes which are a fattier (tastier) cut than a fillet, but I think if you are already indulging in a tasty steak, a pat of butter (plain or compound) is a good thing.

added about 1 year ago

If you're doing plain butter, though, definitely go salted over unsalted!

added about 1 year ago

We ended up grilling them in a scorching hot pan with butter in it

added about 1 year ago

A good cut like a rib eye done medium rare should have enough wetness to allow the flavor of the meat be supreme. Steak houses often pop a pat of butter on top to make the meat look better.
It is all your personal taste - if you like butter, use it. I prefer the steak naked, properly seared with a tasty crust, and save the butter for a nice piece of bread.
Like with lobster and drawn butter you can always serve some melted compound butter on the side to dip the periodic piece of meat into.