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A question about a recipe: Fresh Sriracha (aka, home made 'Rooster')


I have a question about the recipe "Fresh Sriracha (aka, home made 'Rooster')" from edamame2003. May I use apple cider vinegar in place of white distilled vinegar when making the fresh sriracha? What's the difference in using one over the other?

asked by viblanco over 2 years ago
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The biggest difference will be acidity level. Distilled white vinegar is 5% and it will be listed on the bottle the percent acidity. Since apple cider vinegar is usually more of a raw product, acidity levels vary considerably. Check the package of the vinegar you're using--it should be listed in the lower left hand corner.
The other reason is flavor. Apple cider vinegar has a distinctly sweet flavor, while white vinegar is very neutral. In a lot of instances, that sweetness from apple cider vinegar enhances a recipe.

My guess is that white vinegar was the choice because of both these reasons- consistency and neutrality. Consistent acidity will give the fresh sriracha substantially longer shelf life and will be a safer condiment in terms of not harboring bacteria. If you have a bottle of apple cider vinegar that has acidity level at 5% or above, you should try it and see how the flavor compares.

added over 2 years ago

Wow, nice explanation. Thank you Hilarybee.
FYI, my ACV is 5%. I might just try it and see if it doesn't over power the chilies. Thanks again.