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What is the best way to eat canned sardines?

I know how good they are for you and most people enjoy eating them simply on a cracker, however I find it difficult to imagine swallowing - bones and all...Would love to hear other approaches to preparing!

asked by Kate 12 months ago
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Sardines are delicious and the bones are really not so boney. A really great way to enjoy sardines is to dip them in batter and pan fry them. Here's an easy and delicious recipe
You can also cut them up and add them to salad


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Here's my own recipe

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My husband's favorite preparation is adapted from The Silver Spoon cookbook. It's called Fisherman’s Eggs
"Easy and very tasty. Try them for breakfast, or pair with a leafy salad for a quick supper." Serves 4.

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I LOVE sardines (in good olive oil only please) on plain hot cooked rice with a sprinkling of maldon. Simplicity at its best. You can add a tiny squeeze of fresh lemon juice but that is it. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.


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I have a sardine pate recipe on Food52,
Everything gets ground up, so you won't even feel any bones (which are rich in calcium). I usually serve the pate on baguette as a crostini or a sandwich.


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Been eating these all my life. They were Dad's favorite thing to "prepare" for himself if Mom wasn't around to fix him lunch on weekends. He preferred them on white bread. I like them on Ry Krisp-type crackers. And only King Oscar packed in olive oil. I guess we're "sardine snobs." ;)

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Mark Bittman at the NYTimes has a great recipe; enjoy!

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Saltines, horseradish, ketchup (or cocktail sauce)..lemon juice and sardines.

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I like the canned ones in either white bread or rice. With generous amount of hot sauce.

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I like them on crackers with Dijon mustard.

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I liked them chunky mashed with lemon and scallion, with a slice of fresh bread.