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halving angel food cake?

I see most recipes for angel food cake calling for whites from 11 or 12 eggs. any thoughts on making a half recipe (I have 6 whites to spare). I know I could make meringue, but I was thinking this would be a nice thing to accompany all the great fruit I have right now!

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Merrill is a co-founder of Food52.

added 8 months ago

You could make a half recipe and try baking individual cakes in muffin tins - I'd watch them very carefully, though, as they'll cook pretty quickly!

Hadi Irvani added 8 months ago

Use Plums. They are in Season now!

Raquelita added 8 months ago

Thanks...I am doing half a recipe in a regular pan. I would have done cupcakes, great idea, but my pan was kind of icky. Seems like the cake, currently finishing in the oven, is going to be fine, just half as tall!

sfmiller added 8 months ago
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I've made a half-recipe of angelfood cake in a standard loaf pan (ungreased, with a rectangle of parchment paper on the bottom to keep the cake from stickig) and it turned out well.

SeaJambon added 8 months ago

sfmiller beat me to it, but I've done exactly the same thing. Merrill - I tried the Angelfood cake cupcake idea but wasn't able to turn the pan upside down (had lined the pan with cupcake papers) and the cake really settled in on itself as it cooled. That upside down cooling thing is really important for AF cake.

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