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Can anyone recommend a recipe for a medium chicken curry dish. I need to feed around 20 people.

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amysarah added over 3 years ago

Assuming you mean an Indian chicken curry (i.e., not a Thai one,) my go-to recipe has become chef Floyd Cardoz's (of the wonderful NYC restaurant, Tabla) Bombay Chicken Curry. A really good 'classic' version. You can vary the heat by the amount of chilies, the cayenne, etc. The recipe, courtesy of Adam Roberts (The Amateur Gourmet blog) complete with a video:


Another note, re: the coconut milk - use a decent brand - I've cheaped out on lesser ones and been disappointed by their lack of coconut-y richness. This recipe is written for '4' but I usually get more like 5 servings - especially if served over basmati rice. (You can obviously multiply to increase the servings.)

pauljoseph added over 3 years ago

22 Try this recipe you can make without curry leaf if not available http://www.saveur.com/article...

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