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Favorite chicken roasting pan?

I've had a little breakage around here lately, so I'm in the market for new one-chicken roasters. What are your favorites?

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David added 8 months ago

I love those old fashioned broiling pans that used to come with ovens (sort of shallow pan with a removable top that has slots) and the smallest wire rack. Sometimes I'll leave the lid off the broiling pan and just put the chicken on the wire rack in the pan. Other times I'll put carrots and onions, green beans, potatoes in the broilin pan, put the top on and then the chicken on the wire rack on top. The roasting juices drip down and cook the veggies.

maryvelasquez added 8 months ago

I use a large cast iron skillet.

Kristen W. added 8 months ago

I like to use a cast iron skillet as well.

cookbookchick added 8 months ago

I'll add a third for large cast iron skillet.

alygator added 8 months ago

I recently got a Staub cast iron roasting pan and LOVE it. It is just terrific for roasting chicken and easy to clean. Also, it a really great looking pan!

brettbarclay added 8 months ago

My Lodge cast iron skillet

ChefOno added 8 months ago

Mauviel makes a small roasting pan (roughly 10" x 14") in their M'cook (stainless) line. They also make a unique stainless rack to fit. Neither are exactly cheap but will easily last several lifetimes and handily* goes from oven to cooktop for deglazing. Someday I hope to treat myself to one of their copper oval roasters for the presentation factor but there are other priorities these days.

*Bad pun perhaps but two handles beats one when it comes to slinging around cookware + 5 pounds of bird + veg if you ask me.

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