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I decided to start making my own hummus after WF raised the price to 7.99 for 16 oz. my flavor was good but didn't like the consistency. It w

Fluffy instead of creamy. I used frozen instead if canned chick peas (avoiding cans when I can). Juice of 3 lemons, 2+ TB olive oil, a little water 1/8-1/4 c, 1/2 c tahini, salt, cumin, cayenne. I used my ninja instead of food processor. Where did I up wrong? How can I get it creamy not fluffy????

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Kate added 8 months ago

Not sure why that came out fluffy, but I've used this recipe a couple times and it's turned out perfectly: http://food52.com/recipes...

You can either start from scratch with the above, or just reference it and see where any differences in ingredients/preparations lay....

Kate added 8 months ago

On second thought, it may be the amount of lemon juice you used. Acids can do weird things to texture, and the effects can change depending on when/how you add it. (Not a scientific answer, but maybe someone else can weigh in.)

SeaJambon added 8 months ago

Interesting. I'm not sure what you mean by "fluffy" (too much air?). I do know that when I make hummus at home (using a standard food processor) it tends to be a bit grainy at first, so I've learned to be really patient and let the food processor run longer than I would have thought (3 to 4 minutes) and it comes out creamy. Not sure if the extra blades of a ninja (just looked it up on-line; not actually familiar with it) might be putting more air and creating the "fluffy" texture you describe. I doubt if it is the frozen versus canned, and the lemon seems okay to me, although I do believe I add just a bit more olive oil. I've done it so many times now I don't use a recipe, so can't really compare mine to yours... but totally agree it isn't hard to make at home and the store price is ridiculous for what it is (FWIW: I probably use less than half that amount of tahini, but wouldn't expect that to make the difference).

riv added 8 months ago

Have you tried using dried chick peas? The recipe from the "Jerusalem" cookbook is great: http://food52.com/recipes...

healthierkitchen added 8 months ago

is it possible that its the ninja? maybe added in too much air (over whipped)? the ingredients seem right.

Beatrice,Romeo added 8 months ago

Dried chickpeas are definitely the way to go. Frozen ones have lost a lot of water&the end product is usually very coarse. Not as refined as hummus should be.

healthierkitchen added 8 months ago

I make hummus all the time using canned, frozen and boxed chickpeas. While there is a textural difference to dried, I don't think the difference would be that the hummus would be fluffy, which is the concern here. I think it's too much air.

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