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A question about a recipe: SAGE HONEY BRINED ROAST CHICKEN

I have a question about the recipe "SAGE HONEY BRINED ROAST CHICKEN" from dymnyno. Has anyone tried this with regular honey and more sage? I want to make this tomorrow so mail ordering sage honey is out... thanks

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added 7 months ago

I haven't made this chicken recipe. But what you might dry is creating your own sage honey. If you're going to roast the chicken tomorrow, then today mix 2 coarsely chopped sage leaves with a 1/2 cup honey and place in air tight jar with cover. Let it stand overnight; but turn it over if the leaves fall to the bottom. Strain it before using. Then use the amt of sage leaves called for in the recipe. The honey may not be as "sagey" as sage honey but will add some sage flavoring.


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added 7 months ago

I haven't tried this recipe (it looks great!) but I wouldn't hesitate to make it with another honey. And there are so many sage leaves in the recipe, that I wouldn't go through the process that Monita describes or add extra sage, I'd just substitute another honey and proceed.

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