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Baking bread in the oven - Dutch oven or Clay pot?

Which is better?

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Rachel Phipps added 7 months ago

Depends on what sort of bake and finish you want on your bread, and your oven. Really the best is to try with both, lids on and off and get to know your oven.

sbf-ct added 7 months ago

I've had great luck baking bread (artisan style) in the dutch oven... made a REALLY nice crust, evenly browned. Good luck!

Miss Frizzle added 7 months ago

What size of a dutch oven should I use? And should I get a round or oval pan? In the past I've mostly baked sandwich bread, but I want to try doing more artisan style bread, so I'm just trying to figure out which is the easiest. It seems the dutch oven is more versatile at least.


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added 7 months ago

I've used a clay pot for years and years with great success.

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