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Substitution for light corn syrup? Making a caramel with 2c gran sugar and I'm 1/4 cup short of the 1/2c light corn syrup I need. Should I just reduce the amount of sugar? Recipe also has cream and butter. Thanks

asked by lallimusic about 5 years ago
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added about 5 years ago

I make a caramel with honey and/or Lyle's Golden Syrup. I would try either one as a sub for the corn syrup.


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added about 5 years ago

It sounds like you don't want to run to the store, so you could make a "simple syrup" which is equal parts sugar and water. Or substitute honey if you have that, but maybe not a full quarter cup.

added about 5 years ago

The corn syrup adds sweetness, shine, and flow characteristics to the caramel, so i'd use the 1/4 cup you have and make up the difference with honey.