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When life hands you ... eggs?

Ah, the wonders of living in the living in the mountains. Our neighbors have chickens - lots of chickens. They have been bringing us eggs, which has been nice. But lately the production of their chickens has gone up - more than even then can keep up wtih. So today, we got more than three dozen eggs! I've got some ideas - quiche, lemon curd, angel food cake ... but that doesn't use up more than three dozen. Any other ideas?

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Pegeen added 7 months ago

Lucky you! Same question was asked recently here on the hotline:
By the way, you can freeze the whites.

ZombieCupcake added 7 months ago

Pasta is good to have

ZombieCupcake added 7 months ago

http://smittenkitchen.com... forgot the link lol

HalfPint added 7 months ago

How about the current trend of adding a fried or sunnyside up egg to foods like burgers, salads, cooked pasta, cooked rice, ham & cheese sandwiches, a hot bowl of ramen, even a steak. Lucky you. Am jealous you have access to fresh eggs.

Oh, almost forgot, make mayo, hollandaise, caesar dressing. Lots of good sauces have eggs in them.

Richard Vanderlippe added 7 months ago

Great ideas from everyone. And thanks for the link to the recent hotline discussion about the same topic. Looks like I'll be busy for the next few days making pasta, quiche, curd and a whole bunch more.

That seven-yolk pasta looks heavenly!

dinner at ten added 7 months ago

Souffles! If you've never made one before, find Julia Child's recipe -- it is explained well and really not that hard.
Also, frittatas are an easy meal that can use up a bunch of eggs, including Spanish tortilla: http://food52.com/recipes...
I've read that unwashed farm eggs keep especially well due to the natural sealant on the egg shell, and that storing eggs in an air tight container can also help them keep an extra long time (months!).

Monica added 7 months ago

Pavlova! It is an incredible desert that uses a lot of egg whites. http://m.allrecipes.com....
The egg yolks can be used immediately to make a delicious custard or frozen in ice cube trays for individual use later.

dcmaggie added 7 months ago

Desserts that use a lot of egg yolks: flan and ice cream comes to mind. Make deviled eggs for a party--people don't want to admit it, but they love it.

Marcmarc added 7 months ago

Just commenting to say I'm jealous. And that you can make a soufflé in a cast iron pot.

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