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Romantic restaurant in Los Angeles suggestion? Preferably Italian or New American

My boyfriend and I are going out for our 3 year anniversary next week. All he really wants is cheesecake, so any restaurant that's (New) American or Italian would be great! Also for price range we're looking for $$ places. Thanks!

asked by Allie about 1 year ago
added about 1 year ago

Get takeout and buy a ton of flowers and candles with the money you save on not going out. Romance at home <3

added about 1 year ago

That does sound romantic! But we have two roommates and a dog at home, so we're looking for a break from them : )

added about 1 year ago

if you can get into Lucques, do it, if not then go to the little door, thats really quite beautiful, there is cliffs edge in silverlake also stunning or Goldies, these are mainly in and around weho, and listen to my show all about food and wine in LA and Philadelphia www.purepollino.com