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Can I make kale pesto ahead of time or will it change color?

I'm making a pasta with kale pesto (kale, olive oil, pine nuts, garlic, pecorino), but I want to make the pesto a day ahead. Will it turn brown like basil pesto?

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HalfPint added 7 months ago

If you cover the pesto with some oil, it should seal off the pesto and keep it from browning.

I also learned from Alton Brown that quickly blanching basil will keep the bright green color and pesto would not turn brown. Might work with kale too.

Exbruxelles added 7 months ago

In my experience, kale doesn't oxidize nearly as quickly as basil--which oxidizes almost instantly without exposure to heat (blanching) or acid (lemon juice.) Yes, you can safely make kale pesto a day ahead without it turning brown. I'd probably add a little lemon juice anyway, but if you cover it well it'll be fine.

petitbleu added 7 months ago

Pestos made from alternative greens (i.e. Other than basil) tend to stay green much longer. It should be fine for several days.

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