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THEAMED Halloween dinner idea for about 12 people something easy but fun need some good ideas but i cant seem to think of spmething good enou


asked by Paul,Wise 9 months ago
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Halloween is always rather Sweet centric. So you should have deserts covered. The problem is savory things.
A beer cheese soup with Popcorn Garnish.
A beet centric salad.
Rice (precooked to just under cooked) and placed in small pumpkins and baked as a 'bowl' for the rice. Or use a large pumpkin stuffed with rice and baked as a center peice. Not baked so long the pumpkin becomes mush just hot enough to finish steaming the rice. And still intact enough to bring to the table.

Main Course: Something with bones in: Lamb Crown cutlets frenched and coated with balsamic vinegar, garlic, rosemary and grilled over open fire.

added 9 months ago

Murder mystery parties are always fun. People can dress up like from the 1930s and you can make popular dishes from the time.

added 9 months ago

Or -- taken from a different angle -- sometimes, it is all in the name. We dipped fresh mango slices in chocolate and called them "Chilled Monkey Tongues - fresh". You get the idea. Even meatloaf (particularly with a red, ketchup based sauce) could be "Ground Zombie Brains - braised". And just think the fun you could have with tripe! ;) [spare ribs? "Rack of corpse - seared"]

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One question, is this going to be a sit down party? or a buffet type thing. Because you'd have more options and ease with a buffet thing. Even asking some to bring a dish.
And then a party game type thing could happen. And this would give you (or someone) a chance to use that big punch bowl they got for a wedding present and never used. With 12 people for a festive thing. A buffet is always better (or more fun) than a formal sitdown.

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Great idea i love it