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My pot roast turned out a little saltier than expected. How do I rescue it without killing the flavor?

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Pegeen added 6 months ago

If the beef is finished cooking, remove it from the cooking liquid right away and wipe off any surface liquid with paper towels or a clean dishtowel. You can't de-salt the beef but you can de-salt any of the juices or gravy you're going to serve with it by increasing the volume of the juices with a no-salt liquid such as water or sodium-free broth. Add a little at a time, tasting as you go, to determine when it's not too salty any more. You'll have a more watery liquid but if you have time, just simmer down a portion of that liquid in a saucepan - it will take 30 to 45 minutes over low heat for about 2 cups starting out. Save the rest of the unsimmered liquid to make stock, when you can add plenty of water without adverse affects.

Pegeen added 6 months ago

p.s. Using something sweet as a side - like prune chutney or applesauce - will offset any salty taste in the beef.

Pegeen added 6 months ago

Another p.s. Or, carrots with a dash of maple syrup added to a butter glaze?

And the old wive's tale of adding a potato to reduce the salty taste of a sauce does not solve anything. :-) It can help thicken a sauce, but not de-salt it. You just have to increase the ratio of unsalted liquid to salted liquid.

RespectThePastry added 6 months ago

You could shred the beef and make a soup or stew. The beef will kind of get washed in the soup and then you will just have to add less salt to the dish.

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