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Thicken Pot Pie filling?

I have a question about the recipe "Harvest Chicken Pot Pie" from adamnsvetcooking. I'm loosely following the recipe (no mushrooms in the house, e.g.). THe filling is very thin -- I used the 2 cups stock and 1 tbsp flour like the recipe, and it's been simmering to try to thicken for over a half hour now. How can I get this to thicken? It's still soup-like. What should I do?

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sexyLAMBCHOPx added 6 months ago

Are you using the same pan that you cooked the chicken and vegetables? That had some fat when after sprinkling the flour and cooking it for 5 minutes then adding the stock would thicken it up. If so try a slurry and add it in the pan. If you are trying to simmer the stock and flour, I don't think it will work.

sstalnaker added 6 months ago

I always keep some beurre manie on hand in the fridge. Knead equal parts by volume (1 Tablespoon & 1 Tablespoon) of butter and flour to make a smooth paste. Add small amounts to your boiling liquid until the desired thickness in acheived. This stuff keeps in the fridge indefinately, and works like magic.

sstalnaker added 6 months ago

A slurry of cornstarch and water will also quickly thicken any sauce.

R added 6 months ago

You could also soften some unflavored gelatin in a small dish of warm water. Stir to dissolve, then stir in. The gelatin will provide a substitute to the collagen that is boiled out of the bones when making homemade stock.

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