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Help! Does anybody have an outstanding arroz con pollo recipe?

I've been looking for an arroz con pollo recipe for some time and so far I haven't found anything I love. Does anyone in the Food52 community have a stunner? Thank you!

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pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added 6 months ago

I guess this should fall in the category of "not a recipe" as it is just a design. Your ingredients should include short grain rice, chicken pieces (of course), stock, saffron definitely,chorizo if you like, chicken livers if you want to sneaky, and then cook it up in an earthenware cazuela. The chicken needs to be browned first and you add the stock all at once. Don't stir. Just stick it in the oven or, better cook slowly on your gas range. Other embellishments might include roasted red peppers. And that is just the schematic, so introduce your own ideas.

Trena added 6 months ago

Thanks Pierino. Sounds like you've given me some great ideas!

bonbonmarie added 6 months ago
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That sounds delicious, pierino! Another part of the answer is that it also depends on where in the world the recipe is from. My family's version is Puerto Rican, and it differs from pierino's list in a few ways: no chorizo, livers or saffron, but it does have stuffed green olives, tiny peas, raisins, and it's color comes from achiote (annatto). I'll post it in a few days. Check back...

garlic&lemon added 6 months ago

In Panama, Arroz con Pollo is similar to the Puerto Rican one, BUT always has garlic, onion, culantro (similar to cilantro but long leaves), chopped tomatoes. No raisins. We make a sofrito with the garlic, onion & annatto, add the tomato, culantro & green olives to make a sauce. Gently stew the chicken in the sauce. Remove the chicken and set aside to cool. Cook the rice in the sauce. You may have to add more water as the rice cooks - keep an eye on it. Sometimes the rice says a little saucy - that's OK. But the "best" part is the browned rice crust on the bottom of the pan when you are done. While the rice is cooking, de-bone and shred the chicken and get the tiny peas out of the freezer. When the rice is done, stir in the shredded chicken and the tiny peas.


pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added 6 months ago

garlic&lemon, some excellent thoughts. I'm approaching it from a European point of view but I always strive to think beyond preconceived notions. So, thank you for your input.

Trena added 6 months ago

You make a great point bonbonmarie re: the regional variations associated with making arroz con pollo. I look forward to trying your recipe when you post it. Many thanks!

bonbonmarie added 6 months ago

posted! I hope it makes sense; it took a bit of deciphering. Happy cooking!

creamtea added 6 months ago

I make Jacqueline Higuera McMahon's "Californio" (yes, it is spelled correctly) version: From California Rancho Cooking.
2-3 cloves garlic
1 t. salt
2 t. chile powder
1/2 t. cumin seeds
1 T. olive oil
1 3-lb. chicken (she has you skin it, but I leave skin on)
2 T. olive oil
1 small onion, minced
[1 slice ham, cut into strips] I haven't used
2 Italian sweet sausages (optional)
1 C. long-grain rice
3 C. water or chicken stock
2 T. dry sherry
Mash garlic, salt, cumin with olive oil and chile powder into a paste. Rub over chicken parts. Allow to sit 1/2 hour. Saute in the one T. olive oil until lightly browned. Remove and saute the onion and rice for 5 minutes over medium heat.
Remove onion and pour out excess oil. Return chicken and onion to pan along with stock, sherry, ham and sausages. Bring to simmer, simmer 10 minutes. Cover tightly and bake 350ยบ oven for about 45 minutes or until juices run clear. Allow to rest, covered 10 minutes. Really good!

Trena added 6 months ago

This sounds delicious. Thank you creamtea!

magpiebaker added 6 months ago

I have had great success with the following: http://markbittman.com...

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