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This season's "hot" and hip ingredient. Ghost pepper salt?

Okay, I finally had to buy some. This time of year I make a lot of soups and I've been thinking about sparking some of them up with this ghostly stuff. Any thoughts?

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asked about 1 year ago
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added about 1 year ago

I have some ghost chili salt and it is terrific. I like to scatter a small pinch over my finished dishes like tomato salad, Mac and cheese. Would probably taste great very lightly sprinkled over chowder and tomato soup.


pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added about 1 year ago

Thanks. I had thought of mac and cheese but a tomato soup is a really good idea. I have Portuguese recipe that I intend to try out.

added about 1 year ago

You can make your own. I purchase ghost chilies from Alvarez Brothers here in Washington State. Dehydrate them and grind them and mix with whatever.

added about 1 year ago

I imagine you probably don't have a huge quantity of it, but it sounds like it would make an interesting (and friggin hot) curing salt. Maybe cure some egg yolks since you don't need much for that..? Then you could use those to grate over dishes.
Honestly, I would probably just use it as a finishing salt for steaks and fish. Or maybe add it to scrambled/poached/fried eggs to really wake my ass up in the morning.

On the pastry side of things, it would be a fun ingredient to play around with on, say, chocolate truffles/bonbons or on ice cream.

added about 1 year ago

i bought some from the spice and tea exchange, its fantastic. I don't think it's all THAT hot, but it has nice heat. I add it to Asparagus along with a smoked salt after tossing with olive oil and bake at 375 to preference. I'll also add it as a finish to eggs and skirt steak sammies. mmmm

added about 1 year ago

What about salt brownies, carmel corn or mango toffee

added about 1 year ago

It sounds obvious but I love it any place you'd use both salt and hot sauce: eggs, veggie & rice bowls, chicken or burgers.