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A question about a recipe: Sweet Potato Chana Masala

I have a question about the recipe "Sweet Potato Chana Masala" from MrsWheelbarrow. This looks so delicious, but I don't care much (at all, really) for garbanzos. What's a good alternative? Thanks, everyone. ;o)

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TFried added 5 months ago

My husband is allergic to chickpeas so I'm constantly looking for substitutes. If it's required for texture, I'll try diced potato, otherwise I'll either replace it with chopped green beans or just omit it entirely without a substitute.

HalfPint added 5 months ago

Maybe you can try black-eyed peas?

Kukla added 5 months ago

Lentils are often used in Indian dishes; I think green or red lentils will work nicely in this recipe; I would try also toasted pumpkin seeds.

Madhuja added 5 months ago

Have you ever tried vatana? They are whole dried yellow peas and are available in Indian grocery stores and online.

trampledbygeese added 5 months ago

If I'm cooking for someone who can't eat chickpeas (due to taste, allergy or low fibre diet) I usually substitute it with a mixture of lentils and cubed potatoes.

Most other pulses work well. I've had great success with fava beans believe it or not. Totally different texture, but the flavour worked.


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added 5 months ago

Thanks, these are all great ideas! I typically would make a dish like this as a vegan main dish -- we're not vegans but eat 18 vegan meals out of 21 per week for health and environmental reasons -- so lentils and the other legumes suggested are particularly appropriate. I'll definitely have to look for vatana, Madhuja, next time I'm at the Indian grocery store. I also just love the idea of adding green beans and potatoes, and pepitas! Thanks again. ;o)

Droplet added 5 months ago

Peanuts would be another option.


AntoniaJames is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

added 5 months ago

Droplet, I like that idea! Thank you. I just bought some sweet potatoes on my lunch break; will be making this tonight . . with red lentils, pepitas and peanuts, plus a few green beans, too, because I have all of the foregoing on hand. ;o)

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