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pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added 4 months ago

Hell, yes. Just split them in half. This method works best with the longer Treviso variety as opposed to the round Chioggia.

LE BEC FIN added 4 months ago

if you have a gas stove,you could also put the rad. on a cake rack
over the flame, like blackening peppers. but then you prob alrdy know that...

Pegeen added 4 months ago

Yes, sure, you can use a blow torch to char anything! ;-) I like the gas flame method. You can use a tongs to hold the wedges if you can't find a cake rack as Le Bec Fin mentions.


Shuna is a pastry chef in New York City and author of the acclaimed blog Eggbeater.

added 4 months ago

I'm a bigger fan of heating my cast iron skillet to as hot as I can get it without burning the house down, and searing radicchio hard in scant oil/fat. I find that a blowtorch makes food taste like gas if it spends more than a few seconds on a surface.

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