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Pegeen added 4 months ago

I know several people who have Cutco and love them. Just check the warranty and be sure it's as good as what you could get for a knife set from another source. For a set of steak knives, they're great. You could always try starting with one or two cooking knives (and make a pitch to receive the steak knives at a discount).


Shuna is a pastry chef in New York City and author of the acclaimed blog Eggbeater.

added 4 months ago

There is no better warranty than "guaranteed for life, " which is what Cutco gives. If at any time you feel your knifes are dulling, all you need to do is send them to Cutco and you will be returned a seriously sharp & shiny knife. I love mine - I use them for far more than steak and savory foods. They're fantastic with ripe fruits and small knife work.

jmburns added 4 months ago

Oh please not more of the Cutco Knife crazies. This board knows you get a commission for selling these knives. No self respecting professional chef or professional kitchen would be stocked with Cutco.

bamcnamara added 4 months ago

I did not post the question for selling---it was an honest question about the quality.

creamtea added 4 months ago

Only I'm not a professional chef, nor do I play one on TV.

Pegeen added 4 months ago

I don't sell or represent Cutco knives in any way. This would be the first time I used the brand name in a post, ever. Cheers.

Pegeen added 4 months ago

p.s. And I don't own any, either.

TobiT added 4 months ago

I am not a cooking professional (and I SWEAR I I don't get any commission!) - but I have several Cutco knives and have been very happy with them. My favorites are the long serrated knife (like a thin bread knife) and the spreader that is serrated on one edge. I didn't get steak knives so I can't comment on them.
I bought them when I was just starting to stock my own kitchen in my mid-twenties, from the son of a friend who was selling them to help pay for college. It was kind of a high pressure sales pitch, which I found uncomfortable - but I've enjoyed my knives for over 2 decades!
PS I have since bought fancier knives, for much more money, but they haven't always been better!!

sexyLAMBCHOPx added 4 months ago

My husbands best friend in high school sold a set to my in-laws. They swear by them and every September, since the 80's, she has sent them back for sharpening. I have a few pieces from when my husband was a bachelor and they work very well to this day. I say go for it!

Pegeen added 4 months ago

My at-home knives are so cheap it would be embarrassing to talk about it. I sharpen the hell out of them.


pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added 4 months ago

Cutco knives are cheap junk when compared to the good ones. My best advice is to learn how to sharpen, steel, and hone your own knives. That will last you a lifetime as well.

jamcook added 4 months ago

When your kid's best friend is selling them you buy some.. ( that is their hook) that said, the long serrated knife is a great bread knife, the steak knives are good, and if you have a garden , the pruning shears are a good buy.they are not restaurant quality , neither are they schlock. It's kinda what you do for your children and their friends.

creamtea added 4 months ago

jamcook, I agree. I have the thin serrated knife, about 6 in. long. It's good for tomatoes and comes in handy for other uses and I am glad to own it. It handles & balances differently from a European or a Japanese knife, but it has its uses in my kitchen. Sometimes you can't turn down a friend(s daughter), esp. when they're really nice people. [Who knew such a nice, quiet girl could be such a high pressure sales rep.....]

arcane54 added 4 months ago

The Cutco sandwich knife/spreader is a great picnic tool! Cut the bagel, slice the tomato (no small feat for most knives), then schmear the cream cheese... done with one utensil rather then three! It's true they don't hold an edge quite as well as other knives, but the Cutco guarantee is great! I have some ancient carbon steel knives that I love, and some Wusthoff that I cherish, plus a Sabatier that mysteriously appeared in my knife drawer... still trying to figure that one out. I agree with jamcook too. It's what you do for your friends' kids.

jamcook added 4 months ago

The sales schpiel is actually very funny. At the time, my younger son was rolling on the floor with laughter, watching the ropes get sliced and the pennies get cut. Kinda worth the price of the knives !

SeaJambon added 4 months ago

Bought them from a friend's daughter 10+ years ago and have NEVER regretted the purchase. I have a small chef's knife (first knife I reach for nearly every day), small serrated and a paring knife. Love them. They balance well, fit my hand, and cut like a champ. My other -- high priced, fancy, "professional" knives, I reach for second when the others are dirty and I don't feel like washing them (another point of heresy, I wash mine in the dishwasher, not by hand). I swear the Cutco holds the sharp blade much longer than the "professionals" and I don't feel like sharpening my knives before each use. Disclaimer: none. This is an unpaid endorsement; my opinion and no one else's. Your mileage may vary.

Big G-man added 4 months ago

I don't know what the heck the handles are made from but my parents have a set that they bought in the 60's no lie and still work. I myself use dexter knives that I can purchase at a restaurant supply store.

jamcook added 4 months ago

The kids who sell them will tell you that the handles are made out of the same material as NFL football helmets!

creamtea added 4 months ago

I should probably wear a football helmet when I cook....

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