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What's the best way to store bread?

asked by Ed 12 months ago
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added 12 months ago

Ed - You can't beat freshly baked bread, however sometimes we all have to store the leftovers. I freeze bread in a large ziploc bag in the freezer. Try and remove as much as air from the bag as possible. I'm interested in learning what other food52ers do.

Lindsay-Jean Hard

Lindsay-Jean is a Contributing Writer & Editor at Food52.

added 12 months ago

Here's a whole article on the topic! http://food52.com/blog...


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added 12 months ago

Uhm, I use a bread box. But then I'm always repurposing two day old bread.


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added 12 months ago

I have a few answers for you. First, I live in an extremely dry climate, so a paper bag (even stored inside a bread box, which I use as well) is useful for perhaps the first few hours of a loaf's life. Second, I'm one person and it can take me three days to consume even half a loaf, so I typically hack a loaf in half, double-wrap one in plastic and freeze it, and seal the other in a ziplock bag in the bread box (which in my house serves principally to keep the dogs out of it). Last, if you make your own, and few things are more satisfying, be sure it is completely cool before your seal it in anything.

added 12 months ago

For a loaf, I slice it, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and freeze in a zip-loc bag. When I need a sandwich, I can pull out just 2 slices.