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Taco soup too spicy. How can I cool it down?

asked by Marcia over 1 year ago
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added over 1 year ago

Add some cooked rice, corn, &/or black beans w/just salt for seasoning. Garnish w/ sr cream or crema. Everything will cool down quickly. Remember that beer, wine, or coffee will 'put out the fire' better than water to drink if it's still too spicy for someone.

added over 1 year ago

I had EXACTLY the same problem last wk., w/ a different recipe.I ended up spending the rest of the day fixing it. phooey.if you add sour cream and it's still too hot, options include making twice as much soup, but leaving out the hot element
adding cooked beans (red, black, whatever, ) and/or cubed potatoes or other cooked starches- wheatberries, brown rice etc. and then adding more of all the liquid components except the hot element, so you keep the same balance of liquids and solids in the soup.
The lesson is- never add all of certain elements (sugar, salt, hot elements)when you first make a recipe. Use half or more of what's called for, and then taste it, and adjust accordingly. Then YOU are in control of how the dish turns out.

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Lime juice?

added over 1 year ago

Some sour cream or avocado puree