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What should internal temp be, of a beef meatloaf ?

asked by Fred Q about 2 years ago
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Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

added about 2 years ago

All ground meats should be cooked to an internal temp of 165 degrees.

added about 2 years ago

There are 'rules' and there are individuals. you may find that you like your meatloaf done a little rarer-to 145 or 150 or 160, but the other direction, higher than 165, will get you overcooked dry, less flavorful meatloaf. When you touch your meatloaf/push down with your finger, it should be firm/ give slightly/spring back. If you stick a skewer in the center, the juices coming out should be barely pink or clear, not red/bloody (too raw.) If you ever undercooked your meatloaf, sliced into it and found it too raw inside, you could always return it to the oven.

added about 2 years ago

Thanks, I cooked it at 300F on convection to 150F , perfect