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A question about a recipe: Potage Aux Poivrons Rouges (French Red Pepper Soup)


I have a question about the recipe "Potage Aux Poivrons Rouges (French Red Pepper Soup)" from F for Food. I am wanting to do a French themed dinner for my girlfriend for Valentines Day. Could I make the soup in advance warm it up the evening of? Or would it diminish the quality of the product.

asked by Jacob 9 months ago
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added 9 months ago

I don't know that specific recipe, but most soups are fine made ahead. I know my Poivrons Rouge Soupe is fine made ahead.


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added 9 months ago

Making ahead should be fine. Do steps 1-5 ahead and refrigerate, up to 2 days. Do step 6 to reheat the evening you're going to serve it, adding the garnishes of creme fraiche and crab as you serve it. Sounds delicious.

added 9 months ago

you know what it's fun to do for table decorations? sprinkle heart shaped Red Hots around the centerpiece w/ streamers. you can also find heart shaped small 4" cake pans, and cookie cutters, and ramekins... (I'm not suggesting overkill, just wanted you to know there are lots of options.)

added 9 months ago

I agree that this may be made ahead and reheated gently. Finish with the crab meat & crème fraiche.

added 9 months ago

Not only can you make it ahead and reheat (slowly), but you can also consider serving it chilled (not quite room temp - take out of fridge an hour before serving)...and make a spectacular service by not using daily soup bowls, but nice demitasse cups.
Most likely you don't have a matched set of Louis XIV gold rimmed demitasse cups - so go to an antique store and buy a couple mis-matched old looking tea cups. Serve the soup in those with a garnish of your choice. Be a bit dainty by using tea spoons instead of honkin' big soup spoons.
I would seriously consider a sabayon for dessert - easy to do, and you can do it "live" ala minute'. Very impressive.