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How Iong is butter good?

asked by redhead 12 months ago
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added 12 months ago

It depends on how you have stored it. Was it in the fridge, did you open the butter already? Somebdoy once told me the time you can keep something unopened is double the time when it has been opened. Butter should be good to use at least a month after the expiration date. Any longer can be ok as well, but make sure to check the smell as this still is a diary product.

added 12 months ago

why not freeze it

added 12 months ago

The reason I ask about butter was because my cookies didn't taste right at all!! Well come to find out the butter was ok!! I thought at first it was the butter. Thennnnn I smelled the vanilla! Eww I about gagged. I never knew vanilla went bad! I do now,. So my butter was good and definitely not the culprit.


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added 12 months ago

I don't think vanilla goes bad, but some vanilla extracts never smell good in the first place... Be careful what you buy.