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A question about a recipe: Mushi-Gyoza (Steamed Gyoza)

I have a question about the recipe "Mushi-Gyoza (Steamed Gyoza)" from ourlastsupper. Can you make the filling ahead of time, i.e., more than an hour ahead?

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petitbleu added 2 months ago

Absolutely! No reason why not--obviously, just keep it refrigerated until you're ready to use it.

LE BEC FIN added 2 months ago

i agree. it's the ground pork you'd worry about. But imo, you could make the filling 2 days before making the gyoza.(the soy sauce and ginger are both preservatives.) When working with raw meat and/or seafood or poultry fillings, it is good to put their bowl over a bowl filled with ice. Also, leave in the frig your bigger amount of filling, removing more as you use it up.

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