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Is there a way to remedy a dish that is too acidic?

asked by XXX-XXX-1673 about 5 years ago
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added about 5 years ago

Sometimes a bit of water can remedy the situation.

Or add oil to round out the flavors. Creams, cheese, milk can also soften the too acidic dish/dressing, etc.


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added about 5 years ago

What type of dish is it? What other ingredients are involved? Thank you. ;o)

added about 5 years ago

For tomato-based dishes a pinch of sugar may help (most Italians use a pinch of sugar in all of their tomato sauces to balance the acidity). And by a pinch, I mean literally, a pinch. Less than 1/4 teaspoon. Start small, taste, taste, taste, and see what it takes to get your dish to where you want it,