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anyone have the cuisanart combo steam oven cso-300?

I just received mine and want to start with steaming a boneless chicken breast for a mexi style meal of shredded chicken.
Just received mine! Soo excited..
I want to first try with a boneless chicken breast - maybe with a dry adobo-like rub - to make shredded chicken for a mexi style meal.
What does anyone think about doing this on the super steam function??
Or should I just stick to the regular steam function?
I've read (on this site.. thank you) that for shredded chicken roasting works against you because the muscles are contracted through that type of heat.. So I'm thinking the steam function could work well here...

asked by Stephanie about 1 year ago
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Lindsay-Jean Hard

Lindsay-Jean is a Contributing Writer & Editor at Food52.

added about 1 year ago

Hi Stephanie, on Cuisinart's website they have a couple of chicken recipes designed for the steam oven that might help guide you: and

added about 1 year ago

Thanks, Lindsay-Jean! They have some interesting looking recipes, for sure. They don't, however, cover good base for doing anything different that thoseā€¦ which is a little disappointing. But, trial and error is a foolproof method! eventually.. ;)
Thanks for your time!